Cleantech Days 2023



Engage in a world of cleantech and climate innovations this autumn as GCIP brings the Cleantech Days 2023 to the heart of Europe – Vienna. GCIP – Global Cleantech Innovation Programme – is a UNIDO flagship initiative funded through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It promotes cleantech entrepreneurship and innovation for climate action and sustainable industrial development across a network of 16+ countries. In 2023, we are shining the spotlight on cleantech innovators from GCIP and UNIDO partner programmes, offering start-ups and SMEs an opportunity to showcase their solutions, connect with peer innovators, potential investors and corporate partners. We also convey the GCIP network of partners to engage in lessons exchange, capacity building and networking to explore new venues for collaboration and learn from each other.

Cleantech Days 2023 is a stage for showcasing cleantech innovations and ideas sharing. We will introduce and celebrate the national winners of the GCIP 2022-2023 Accelerator and other high impact cleantech/climate tech initiatives within UNIDO projects space, providing a platform for these emerging enterprises to gain global exposure. At the heart of Cleantech Days 2023 lies the spirit of collaboration and learning. GCIP strengthens national cleantech ecosystems across its partner countries, identifies synergies and connects ecosystems for knowledge exchange. Cleantech Days 2023 fosters dialogue on vital topics like cleantech financing, investment opportunities and corporate partnerships, creating an enriching environment for all participants. Cleantech Days 2023 is a meeting point convening and connecting stakeholders of GCIP partner countries’ ecosystems to promote knowledge sharing and cross-border collaboration. The event focuses on highlighting success stories and sharing the latest knowledge products on cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovations from: Austria, Botswana, Cuba, Ethiopia, Kenya, Moldova, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, South Korea & others.
Leading experts in cleantech and climate mitigation, representatives of entrepreneurship ecosystems, International Organizations and NGOs.

Impact investors in cleantech & climate tech.
Venues for dynamic ideas exchange, networking & peer learning. Capacity-building & deep dives.

Event programme

Detailed event programme to be uploaded in the coming weeks.


We are delighted to invite you to participate in the GCIP Cleantech Days 2023. To streamline the registration process for our key stakeholders, we have created a Google form for the following groups of participants:

UNIDO-supported cleantech innovators (selected alums companies from GCIP countries, MOUSTADAMA, FIPEE and PFAN)

Members of GCIP Countries’ Project Management Units (PMUs) and other national stakeholders

Global executing partners (Cleantech Group, Network for Global Innovation)

Other partners, collaborators and stakeholders currently engaged in the Cleantech Days planning

If you belong to one of these categories, we invite you to complete the registration form by 15 August. We look forward to your participation in GCIP Cleantech Days 2023. For further assistance or inquiries, please contact us at gcip@unido.org