DAYS 2023

IVECF Solutions Week

30 October · 3 November


Background Information

Engage in a world of cleantech and climate innovations this autumn as GCIP brings the Cleantech Days 2023 to the heart of Europe – Vienna. GCIP – Global Cleantech Innovation Programme – is a UNIDO flagship initiative funded through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It promotes cleantech entrepreneurship and innovation for climate action and sustainable industrial development across a network of 16+ countries. In 2023, we are shining the spotlight on cleantech innovators from GCIP and UNIDO partner programmes, offering start-ups and SMEs an opportunity to showcase their solutions, connect with peer innovators, potential investors and corporate partners. We also convey the GCIP network of partners to engage in lessons exchange, capacity building and networking to explore new venues for collaboration and learn from each other.

Cleantech Days 2023 is a stage for showcasing cleantech innovations and ideas sharing. We will introduce and celebrate the national winners of the GCIP 2022-2023 Accelerator and other high impact cleantech/climate tech initiatives within UNIDO projects space, providing a platform for these emerging enterprises to gain global exposure. At the heart of Cleantech Days 2023 lies the spirit of collaboration and learning. GCIP strengthens national cleantech ecosystems across its partner countries, identifies synergies and connects ecosystems for knowledge exchange. Cleantech Days 2023 fosters dialogue on vital topics like cleantech financing, investment opportunities and corporate partnerships, creating an enriching environment for all participants. Cleantech Days 2023 is a meeting point convening and connecting stakeholders of GCIP partner countries’ ecosystems to promote knowledge sharing and cross-border collaboration. The event focuses on highlighting success stories and sharing the latest knowledge products on cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovations from: Austria, Botswana, Cuba, Ethiopia, Kenya, Moldova, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, South Korea & others.
Leading experts in cleantech and climate mitigation, representatives of entrepreneurship ecosystems, International Organizations and NGOs.

Impact investors in cleantech & climate tech.
Venues for dynamic ideas exchange, networking & peer learning. Capacity-building & deep dives.

Event programme

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Cleantech companies joining our events.

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Energy Efficient Boiling System. It is reported that on average a geyser represents between 25% and 40% of the total amount of the electricity bill. To try and reduce this, some people switch on their geyser when they need hot water and switch it off as soon as the water is heated. This is what Sandiswa Qayi used to do until she came up with the Hot Spot device. The device saves energy by boiling water faster and only boiling the amount of water you set it to - instead of all the water in the geyser.

🇿🇦 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Sandiswa Qayi · Website

AI-based remote sensing products for climate-smart agriculture. AgriEye helps farmers increase yield and reduce costs. The service provides recommendations for precision agriculture with the help of fully autonomous drones, multispectral cameras and AI cloud platform.

🇺🇦 · Thematic Area: Agritech · Founder: Andrii Sevriukov · Website

AGRIOTEC tackles the random consumption issue of agricultural resources by providing customized guidance and directions to farmers

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Agritech · Founder: Hisham Shriam

Cost-effective and efficient, renewable energy storage systems. Armogrid aims to bridge the energy access gap across Nigeria by manufacturing and supplying Lithium-ion battery packs for renewable energy storage. Armogrid assembles Lithium-ion batteries for battery-based solar systems and other mini-grids, to mitigate the challenges of power intermittency and meet the growing energy demand across the country.

🇳🇬 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Kenechukwu Mbonu · Website

Air Purification/Sterilization Technology using Photo-ionization. The company uses carbon nanotube fiber, a novel carbon substance, in its products. They provide clean and safe environments by improving indoor air quality.

🇰🇷 · Thematic Area: Green Buildings · Founder: Se Hoon Gihm · Website

Pollution Free Power Generator. The company provides biogas fueled power generators that are pollution-free and easy to move around to adapt to the needs of every household.

🇧🇼 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Phillip Sellwe · Website

Eco-materials from recycled construction waste. Ciclo provides quality and affordable eco-friendly construction materials which use 100% recycled aggregates, taking advantage of the availability of construction and demolition waste.

🇵🇪 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Roger Mori Pizzino · Website

Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications. Comprehensive energy audits for buildings, street lighting, and industrial enterprises, assisting clients in identifying energy losses and implementing efficient solutions.

🇲🇩 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Nicolae Covalenco · Website

Integral energy services. Cubaenergía is a self-financed, non-profit organization of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba specialized in low-carbon development of energy with limited environmental impact. They provide several services based on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

🇨🇺 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Alfredo José Curbelo Alonso · Website

VacciBox. Drop Access provides locally manufactured, solar-powered portable refrigerators, designed to store and transport vaccines, blood and other medical items that need to be kept cold.

🇰🇪 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Norah Magero

Production of bricks from slurry. Made from stone-cutting sludge as main component, locally produced and with a lower carbon footprint, ECO-BRICKS’ construction materials are eco-friendly. Their bricks have shown higher heat and water-leak isolating qualities than standard bricks.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: SECTOR · Founder: Oday Jaradat

Modular construction from wooden panels with straw insulation and natural plaster. Eveco construction builds ecological prefabrication houses made of panels with pressed straw insulation using German technology.

🇲🇩 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Zahari Dolomanji · Website

Electric waste management company. Ewaste Africa focuses on the storage, collection, transportation, recycling and beneficiation of electrical, electronic and lighting equipment waste (electronic waste). The company operates two licensed waste management facilities in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, managing recycling and refurbishment, among other services.

🇿🇦 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Pravashen Naidoo · Website

Sustainable water solutions. Flowless contributes to water sustainability by helping water utility companies increase water supply efficiency. We provide a comprehensive system that utilizes emerging technology to monitor and control water networks and provide insights for process automation and faults detection. The system uses smart devices to collect real-time data from water networks and web platform equipped with artificial intelligence to provide interpretations and analytics that influence active decision making.

🇵🇸· Thematic Area: Watertech · Founder: Baker Bozeyeh

Biochar from waste. The startup has developed a solution to break down agricultural waste into several useful products, including briquette charcoal (70%), biochar (20%), wood vinegar (7%), and Tar (3%). Briquette charcoal is a more concentrated, smokeless, slow-burning, more efficient fuel source, and easier to store and transport than traditional charcoal.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Hasan Zayed

Our advanced sorting facility ensures that valuable materials are extracted from waste streams

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Khalil Aldadah

Solar powered mini-grid solutions. Greenage Techonologies is a renewable energy company with special focus in providing home and mini-grid solutions to homes and businesses using solar technology.

🇳🇬 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Aaron Esumeh · Website

Electrochemical carbon capture technology, which does not require a thermal process at high temperatures above 900 degrees Celsius.

🇰🇷 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Sungbong Tae

Greenovation is providing solution to both Waste Management and Energy provision along-with job creations in the market. Greenovation is Pakistan’s first plastic recycling zero value, unutilized, refused, discarded non-biodegradable plastic waste into fuel through our innovative, green, and environment-friendly novel process with zero emissions. The process is monitored and controlled with digital sensors and electromechanical actuator installed at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

🇵🇰 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Muhammad Kashif, Saad Bin Azam

The innovative technology solves the problem of public lighting in various communities, while providing much needed Wi-Fi access to these communities. The solution offers solar powered lights which, enables the users to access the internet while at the same time generating clean electricity for homes.

🇿🇦 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Nkayiso Madla

Biodegradable sanitary pads. The company produces safe, eco-friendly feminine hygiene products, without plastic or chemicals. Happy Pads are made of organic cotton, banana, bamboo and corn fibre materials which degrade within six months from the disposal date, contributing to the reduction of sanitary waste in the environment.

🇪🇹 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Kalkidan Tadesse Hailemichael

Smart solar refrigeration. Ice Tech presents an innovative, cost-saving solar solution to keep freezers running smoothly. Its core components are a PV solar panel that feeds a MPPT controller which maximizes the power output and transmits it to the DC compressor. The system allows to harness the power of the sun and save money on electricity costs.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Abed Al Kareem Daoud

i-Solar's innovative solar home system includes built in Wi-fi capabilities. Aimed to enable low income marginalized communities, globally, access to reliable and affordable power whilst staying digitally connected.

🇿🇦 · Thematic Area: Energy Efficiency · Founder: Pramod Penceliah · Website


🇲🇩 · Thematic Area: Sustainable Transport · Founder: Sever Bolocan

Solar powered Refrigerator and Freezer. Koolboks is a cleantech startup in Nigeria, with a growing footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its mission is to make sustainable refrigeration accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it. Koolhome, one of Koolboks main products, is a solar-powered refrigerator that also provides LED lighting and USB ports, specifically designed for the SSA market.

🇳🇬 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Lolade Alonge · Website

Recicling of lithium-ion batteries components. Minimines is a Clean Technology Company that uses proprietary environment friendly processes to extract and recycle precious commodities from lithium-ion batteries, other industries and their by-products. Our proprietary HYBRID-HYDROMETALLURGY ™ at the core of our process.

🇮🇳 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Anupam Kumar · Website

Sustainable mobility solutions. Mode Mobility is an engineering and design startup focusing on development of sustainable mobility solutions. Currently Mode Mobility is developing a line of battery-electric scooters as a sustainable solution for urban mobility.

🇵🇰 · Thematic Area: Sustainable Transport · Founder: Syed Najiullah Hussaini, Shah Talha Sohail · Website

AI technology for sewer inspections. Designed to minimise the tedious manual analysis of sewer inspection footage, the company's AI automatically detects and classifies common pipe faults, learning and improving over time.

🇺🇦 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Viacheslav Moskalenko · Website

Advanced nanotechnology to improve water and wastewater treatment processes. Innovation holds great promise for addressing water challenges.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Ahlam Alsayed

Biomass refrigeration. New Leaf Dynamic is a company that provides access to affordable refrigeration facilities across India without relying on unreliable grid power or diesel-dependent sets. The company efficiently utilizes biomass and farm waste to run refrigeration units at farm gates and aggregation points, facilitating safe storage of horticulture produce in cold rooms without any human interference to increase shelf life. New Leaf provides all-in-one cold rooms to be used as cold storage, pre-cooler, ripening chamber, and dehydrator. They use a patented process to generate refrigeration from biomass without using grid power or diesel. This allows farmers to store their produce until market demand and prices increase, enabling them to earn more and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

🇮🇳 · Thematic Area: Agritech · Founder: Akash Agarwal · Website

Solar PV cleaning system. Palgy provides a solution to the decreased productivity of the solar panels due to intense heat and dust accumulation. Specifically, the solution wishes to counteract this efficiency drop through the exploitation of the condensation water. Its device condenses and stores the water particles in the atmospheric air, and finally re-sprays them on the solar panel surface when temperature rises. As a result, energy efficiency is increased up to 30%, while the device consumes less energy.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Ahmad Othman · Website

Biomass system. To produce electricity and heat, Perfekt Pak uses the classic steam-power cycle. The biomass (wood waste) is burned in the steam boiler to produce heat energy, converting feed water into high temperature and high-pressure steam, which then goes through steam turbines where it performs mechanical energy. This energy rotates the turbine blades to produce electrical energy in the generator rotor. The steam extracted from the turbines can be used for various process needs and hot water heating for hot water supply, district heating, timber heating and drying agricultural products and chambers.

🇺🇦 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Sergii Telishevskiy

Sustainable fertilizers. Red Diamond Compost Inc. is a pioneering biotechnology company at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and food security. With Mr. Forte's leadership, the company is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in Barbados and the wider Caribbean through the production of high-quality organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

🇧🇧 · Thematic Area: Agritech · Founder: Joshua Forte · Website

Rubbernano specializes in ionic liquid technology that is used for the efficient production of rubber products. Reactiv8, one of their products, is a novel ionic liquid coating chemical that allows old crumbed rubber to revulcanize into new rubber. This allows to use previously unattainable amounts of recycled material and turn them into new products while retaining properties that are critical. Current amounts are 30 to 40% in tyre compounds and up to 90% in mat or carpet like applications.

🇿🇦 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Robert Bosch · Website

Biofuel company. Rum & Sargassum Inc. produces affordable, fossil-fuel free, renewable compressed natural gas to power motor vehicles, using low-cost locally sourced organic inputs including rum industry wastewater, Sargassum seaweed and Barbados Blackbelly sheep manure.

🇧🇧 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Legena Henry · Website

Solar PV/Diesel hybrid - smart control power generation. Sustain Tech developed a low-cost dynamic controller for PV-Gen hybrid systems that works with both old & new generators. The controller allows the generator to operate at the minimum load and maximize solar energy utilization. Fuel consumption is meant to be reduced by up to 60%.

🇵🇸· Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Maysara Abu Own

Syngas from waste. The company has prototyped a synthesis gas production line that obtains energy by recycling solid waste, including biomass. A valid alternative to petroleum and other combustibles, syngas can be used within all types of industrial plants and offers the advantage to be less expensive than other energy sources in the market.

🇵🇸 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Abdallah Aziz

Mobile App for waste management and recycling. With over 150 last-mile collectors, 50 women and 40 youth volunteers in her network, Ecobarter is a waste management company that has leveraged technology to recover more than 350,000 kilograms of recyclables, with over 5 million plastic bottles in 2022 alone. Through Ecobarter, Rita is enabling poor women and informal last-mile waste pickers to capture more value and build back their lives leveraging otherwise waste.

🇳🇬 · Thematic Area: Waste Beneficiation · Founder: Rita Idehai · Website

Advanced materials and manufacturing startup building components for several types of electrochemical devices and systems. Their highly adaptable membranes are intricately tuned to unlock the full potential of energy generators, distributors, and consumers, propelling a transformative era in the energy landscape.

🇮🇳 · Thematic Area: Renewable Energy · Founder: Murari Ramkumar · Website

Seaweed products. Zerocircle uses seaweed to create bio-alternatives to everyday products. They use low energy green processing technology to shape seaweed into carbon efficient solutions.

🇮🇳 · Thematic Area: Agritech · Founder: Neha Jain · Website